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IWAA Foundation


The IWAA foundation will become a safe haven or space for women, men and youth from marginalized communities providing education, advancement and protection.


THE IWAA FOUNDATION intends to provide a facility to train and teach our most vulnerable about Power and Inequality; and Human Rights and Social Justice through workshops, seminars and training programs.


We will encourage their creative and innovative ideas that can lead to sustainable social and economic advancement so that they can break the cycle of dependency and poverty. Gender equality is a fundamental precondition for achieving poverty reduction.

Services Offered

Enlighten to Enrich; Encourage and Empower 

Gender Equality development

•Through gender-sensitive needs assessments, IWAA’s custom-designed course intends to delivers programs to meet the specific needs of both women and men. The establishment of mechanisms, such as Gender Working Groups by our partners, strengthens commitment and builds capacities that institutionalize gender mainstreaming


Helping youth restoring a normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

Making awareness to the components of ones right and declarations.

A scholarship is an amount of money given to you to help you with the cost of post-secondary education - either college or university.

Human Rights Advancement Training

Scholarship Program

Peer Mediation create a safe and non-violent school environment help develop students to become responsible citizens through conflict resolution life skills promote social justice within the school community provide effective alternatives to traditional discipline programs and effect systemic change within the school

Self-esteem & Empowerment

Develop the confidence and identity you need to be successful. Learn how to achieve higher self-esteem, more self-respect, and a more powerful self-image.


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