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We are nominated!

Hey International Woman Achievers' Awards team,

We extend our heartfelt congratulations on your official nomination for the Canadian Choice Award! This is a significant achievement, and one to be immensely proud of.

I am so humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award, Achievers this could not happen without you. Thank you.

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Celebrating Strong and Inspirational Women

Around the World 

In a world where women’s contributions to society are too often unnoticed and unacknowledged, we, at International Women Achievers Award, want to be the voice that will celebrate their lives and greatness.

Based in Brampton, Ontario, we promote women empowerment by hosting an awards night that honour women and the positive, significant changes they made in their communities. By doing this, we will fulfill our mission to empower and inspire young women and girls so they can accomplish their goals and dreams, too.

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